Part 1: Our impact journey

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As MTC | The Content Agency enters its fourth year of business, I’ve started reflecting on what our long-term impact will be in this community.

Our journey up until now has been one of rapid growth, serving B2B companies generally around the globe. Like many agencies during the pandemic, ours grew quickly — almost too quickly that it became unsustainable.

The process during the last two years was enjoyable, and I have many fond memories during that time i.e. building a wonderful and dedicated team — but now, my mind shifts to what is next for our agency.

In the last year, we’ve shifted all our focus to working with and attracting like-minded environmental brands to work with.

It’s been a thrill because I truly see our work doing good in the world and making an impact. Also during this time, I’ve focused inwards, reflecting on my personal impact on climate change (and also how my business impacts it).

Recently, I’ve started asking myself the question — are we truly creating value for people and the planet?

And at this moment, I’m not entirely sure, which is why 2023 is dedicated to looking inwards toward our values and mission. I want to better understand what it means to be a purposeful business, and what our position will be in supporting brands in this new economy.

It’s very important for me to try to be climate neutral as a business and to champion sustainability in my personal life. This is ultimately a journey of growth and deeper understanding for myself, too.

Personally, I will be working towards the following goals this year.

  1. Educate myself on sustainability marketing and sustainability-related topics that would help us and our clients
  2. Join communities to hold myself accountable for climate action
  3. Analyze my carbon footprint
  4. Write an agency ‘Impact Report’

As of today, I’m already working on the following.

  1. Reworking our brand promise and message — view it here
  2. Completing the University of Cambridge Sustainable Marketing, Media, and Creative Sustainability Marketing certification course — read more
  3. Joining the LFCA Climate Practitioners for accountability and resources — learn more — this community is also free, so I’ve dedicated time and budget for the team to be involved in the community
  4. Committed to The Sustainable Marketer Manifesto — learn more

We’ve also been offsetting our carbon footprint with ForTomorrow, since 2022. Learn more

Our next steps

Naturally, our next steps are to better understand our impact on both a personal and business level. As a team, we’d like to work on analyzing our carbon footprint, which is part of the LFCA community.

Once we understand our individual impacts, we can collectively look to see the areas that we can improve upon in the coming year and beyond.

At the end of the year, I will also be writing our first Impact Report and publishing an ambitious agenda on where we’re going in 2024. Along the way, I also expect us to become connected with more resources and organizations that align with our values (for example: The ethical move and donating to 1% Percent for The Planet), which I will determine in our impact report if it aligns with our agency’s goals.

Please join us — and follow along on our blog as I document our impact journey!

Written by Megan

Megan is the CEO of MTC | The Content Agency. As CEO, she’s in charge of making sure the team fulfills client project expectations and everything runs smoothly. As Lead Strategist, her strategy background is provided on all projects – LinkedIn Marketing, SEO, Content Strategy, and Content Writing. Based in Berlin, Megan enjoys long bike rides around the city.

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