LinkedIn Banner Optimization: Boost Your Profile’s Visibility and Impact

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What is the first thing you notice when looking at a LinkedIn profile? Chances are the visuals get to you first: the profile photo and the LinkedIn banner. Both are powerful tools for profile optimization and making a strong first impression. However, LinkedIn users often neglect the LinkedIn banner located at the top of a LinkedIn user’s profile page. 

The result? 

A missed opportunity to capture attention, convey the user’s professional identity, and reinforce their personal brand. With its larger size and prime position, the LinkedIn banner allows individuals to showcase their personality, expertise, and unique value proposition to their professional network and potential connections. 

In this article, we will share important tips to optimize your LinkedIn banner, boosting your profile’s visibility and impact. Let’s start with the most pressing question.

Is it good to have a LinkedIn banner?

The answer is always a solid, yes! 

A LinkedIn banner is highly beneficial for establishing a professional online presence.

A well-designed and thoughtfully chosen banner captures attention and creates a cohesive visual identity. With an optimized LinkedIn banner, you improve your profile’s visual appeal and credibility to potential employers, clients, and networking opportunities.

The impact of a LinkedIn banner on profile visibility

The LinkedIn banner plays a crucial role in shaping the first impression of a profile and can impact profile visibility. When someone visits a LinkedIn profile, the banner is one of the first things they see, immediately capturing their attention. 

There is also a correlation between a visually appealing LinkedIn banner and increased profile views. A visually attractive banner creates an initial sense of credibility and professionalism, making other users more likely to explore the rest of the profile, including the individual’s work experience and skills. 

With a visually appealing and optimized LinkedIn banner, you can attract more profile views, making your profile more visually enticing and memorable to potential employers, clients, and networking contacts.

If you’re not too sure your banner is an appealing one, here are tips and best practices for LinkedIn banner optimization.

Best practices for LinkedIn banner optimization

When optimizing your LinkedIn banner, there are a few best practices to remember. From selecting the right image size to the correct resolution and visual elements, let’s look at the details below: 

What is the best banner for LinkedIn?

The best banner for LinkedIn is one that is visually compelling and professional, effectively conveying your brand and capturing the attention of profile visitors. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Choose an image directly related to your professional field or industry, as it helps establish credibility and connection with your target audience. 
  • Ensure the image is high-quality, crisp, and well-composed, avoiding pixelation or distortion. 
  • Incorporate elements such as your logo, tagline, or a visually appealing background that aligns with your brand and adds visual interest. 
  • Use clean and legible fonts, and avoid clutter. Contrasting colors improve reading as well. 

A well-designed LinkedIn banner with these key elements will leave a lasting impact on visitors.

What is the perfect size for a LinkedIn banner?

The perfect size for a LinkedIn banner is 1584 x 396 pixels, as the platform recommends. This size ensures that the banner fits appropriately within the profile layout without being stretched or distorted. 

Since people access LinkedIn from different devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, it’s crucial to consider responsive design. The best way to find out is to test the banner’s appearance and adjust its layout and elements to ensure they are visible and well-positioned on different screen sizes. 

What kind of visual elements should you add? 

Consistency is key, so ensure that the visual elements and colors used in your banner are consistent with your other professional branding materials, such as your website or business cards. 

Strategically place key information within the banner, such as your name, job title, or a brief statement that highlights your expertise—just make sure your profile picture is not hiding any important banner information, such as a CTA.

LinkedIn banner optimization: Five examples to follow

#1 Lubomila Jordanova and Plan A

Lubomila Jordanova is the CEO of Plan A,  a startup dedicated to using technology to fight climate change. Her LinkedIn banner is clean, with the font and colors of Plan A, with the logo and important certification showing. It also has a great visual element on the left, which will highlight the profile picture. Simple and effective. 

#2 Ruth von Heusinger and ForTomorrow

Ruth von Heusinger is the founder of ForTomorrow, a non-profit offering CO2 offset subscriptions. With a minimalist design, Ruth’s banner showcases ForTomorrow’s branding and its clear message right at the center, and lets the messaging be the focus. The best thing is: you could easily do it yourself, without the help of a designer. 

#3 Circle Economy

Circle Economy is a think tank based in the Netherlands, producing important reports such as the yearly Circularity Gap. We like their LinkedIn Page banner since it features their brand message clearly, complementing their logo and profile picture. Bonus points for adding the CTA in the right corner, inviting people to read the latest Circularity Gap report. 

#4 Sana Al-Badri and SageWealth

Sana is the founder of SageWealth, a sustainable and digital private bank. Her LinkedIn banner features a nicely placed logo, right above the profile picture, and also includes the startup’s website. A nice color palette (aligned with the branding) and interesting design elements make this banner stand out.

#5 Krzysztof Wróblewski and Contec

Krzysztof is the CEO and CTO of Contec, a company that provides sustainable solutions for the tire and automotive industry. Not only this banner conveys the branding in a highlighted position, but it also introduces interesting visual elements to ensure this is an eye-catching piece—in the brand’s colors, of course. 

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Optimizing your LinkedIn banner is a powerful way to enhance your profile’s visibility, make a strong first impression, and reinforce your personal brand. When you follow these best practices and tips, you will create a captivating banner that effectively captures the attention of profile visitors. 

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