Europe’s Most Eco-Conscious Executives: Uncover The Top 11 Sustainable CEO Profiles On LinkedIn

As sustainability becomes increasingly important to consumers and investors, more business leaders are looking for ways to communicate their green thought leadership to stakeholders.

And regarding social media, what does every sustainable CEO have in common? An active, SEO-optimized LinkedIn profile with published, top-notch content and plenty of engagement—which is crucial to attracting talent, gaining the attention of possible investors, and generating leads, especially in the B2B market.

As a LinkedIn Marketing Agency, we always seek inspiration and great content in the sustainability market.

After careful consideration, we compiled a list of the top 11 sustainable CEO LinkedIn profiles in Europe.

These executives have demonstrated a commitment to sustainability through their actions and words, leading the way in making environmentally friendly business practices the norm. Additionally, they showcase why LinkedIn is great for B2B businesses and crucial to communicate climate action and sustainability messages.

Top 11 sustainability CEO LinkedIn profiles

Sustainability refers to the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It involves balancing economic, social, and environmental factors to ensure long-term prosperity and well-being for everyone.

Promoting sustainability on LinkedIn can reach a wide audience, including business leaders, policymakers, and individuals who can make a difference in promoting sustainable practices. By sharing information, ideas, and best practices on sustainability, we can raise awareness and inspire action to create a more sustainable future.

#1 Lubomila Jordanova: CEO at Plan A

Lubomila Jordanova is the CEO of Plan A,  a startup dedicated to using technology to fight climate change. Her posts often include actionable tips and advice so individuals and businesses can take concrete steps towards sustainability, showing how technology can be used to address environmental challenges.

Why is this content special? Her content on LinkedIn is special because it focuses on sustainability and technology, two areas that are increasingly important in today’s world. In addition to her expertise in sustainability and technology, Lubomila shares important news and updates on the climate regulations being implemented worldwide. Her engaging posts stand out for its combination of expertise, passion, and relatability.

#2 Martijn Lopes Cardozo: CEO at Circle Economy

As the CEO of Circle Economy, a social enterprise that promotes the transition to a circular economy, Martijn is a leading voice in this field. His posts provide insights and perspectives on how the circular economy can be implemented in various sectors, from fashion to construction.

Why is this content special? Martijn’s content on LinkedIn is special because it focuses on the circular economy, a concept that is gaining increasing attention as a way to promote sustainability and reduce waste. In addition to his expertise in the circular economy, he often shares bold ideas and visions for a more sustainable future, which can inspire and motivate his audience. His posts also often highlight the potential economic benefits of the circular economy.

#3 Natalia Realpe Carrillo: CEO at HEDERA

Natalia is the CEO of HEDERA Sustainable Solutions, a company developing digital solutions to support microfinance institutions, NGOs, basic services suppliers and impact investors in their impact management processes. Her LinkedIn profile focuses on sharing information with an engaging and relatable writing style.

Why is this content special? Natalia’s content stands out for its combination of expertise, passion, and relatability. She shares personal stories as well as educational content.

#4 Evoléna de Wilde d’Estmael: CEO at Faircado

Evoléna is the co-founder and CEO of Faircado, a greentech startup that makes buying second-hand easy and attractive. Her content focuses on sustainable fashion and ethical consumerism.

Her posts and articles provide insights and perspectives on the fashion industry’s negative impact on the environment and society, and how consumers can make more responsible choices. She’s also a climate activist.

Why is this content special? She often shares personal stories and experiences, including practical tips and advice, such as how to shop sustainably and reduce waste in your wardrobe.
Evoléna is also a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry, and her content often highlights the need for more representation and empowerment of marginalized groups.

#5 Karolina Attspodina: CEO at WeDoSolar

Karolina is the CEO and co-founder of WeDoSolar, a startup that provides solar energy solutions for households and businesses. She focuses on renewable energy and sustainability topics.

Why is this content special? Through her thought leadership, Karolina provides engaging content on the benefits of solar energy, the challenges of transitioning to renewable energy, and the role of technology in promoting sustainability. She shares her expertise in renewable energy, including how to reduce energy consumption and how to choose the right solar energy system for your needs.

#6 Krzysztof Wróblewski: CEO at Contec

Krzysztof is the CEO and CTO of Contec, a company that provides sustainable solutions for the tire and automotive industry. His posts often include updates on Contec’s products and services, not to mention a collaboration call-to-action in the tire and automotive industry as a whole.

Why is this content special? His posts often communicate complex topics in a relatable and approachable way, always with a lot of passion and drive to change the industry with more circularity, innovation, and collaboration.

#7 Alina Bassi: co-founder at Kleiderly

Alina is the co-founder of Kleiderly, a textile recycling startup that has developed an innovative method to recycle textiles into a durable plastic alternative. She’s been listed on Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2020, and also Vogue, Wired, and Germany’s Shark Tank.

Why is this content special? With a startup that provides sustainable solutions for the fashion industry, Alina’s posts are about sustainable fashion, ethical consumerism, fundraising, and female leadership. She often shares personal stories and experiences.

#8 Robert Gerlach: CEO at Klim

Robert is the CEO and co-founder of Klim, a startup with the mission to scale up regenerative agriculture by helping farmers to transition and by empowering consumers to make an impact with their food choices.

Why is this content special? Even though Robert’s posts are not as frequent as they could be, he communicates his expertise in regenerative farming and agriculture in a relatable way. His content often highlights the role of digital tools and data analytics in promoting better agriculture.

#9 Namrata Sandhu: CEO at Vaayu

Namrata is the co-founder and CEO of Vaayu, a company that helps retailers track and cut carbon emissions in real time. With over 17 years of experience building, developing and implementing sustainability strategies across businesses, her niche expertise is in climate change, ethical supply chains, circular business models, and ESG reporting.

Why is this content special? Her posts are very objective and promote the understanding of communicating sustainability and how to engage customers on the journey. Additionally, Namrata’s content often includes insights and updates on Vaayu’s work and impact, which can inspire and motivate others to take action towards sustainability.

#10 Coral R.: CEO at Zero Waste Berlin Festival

Coral is the founder and CEO of Zero Waste Berlin Festival. This event promotes zero waste and sustainability in the German capital. Her content focuses on sustainable living, waste reduction, the environmental impact of waste, and the challenges of transitioning to a zero-waste economy.

Why is this content special? Coral’s content promotes a fun, exciting, and easy transition to a sustainable lifestyle by connecting locals and internationals with green initiatives.
It offers the space to dive into zero waste, circular economy, and sustainability. Her posts often include practical tips and advice, such as how to reduce waste in your daily life and how to choose sustainable products.

#11 Gary Lewis CEO at Resourcify

Gary is the CEO and MD of Resourcify, a digital recycling platform which helps companies like Mcdonald’s, Hornbach, and Fraport to recycle better. With his vision to enable a zero-waste future, Gary has been recognised as a Forbes 30 under 30 recipient. His content convinces people of the importance of creating a circular economy.

Why is this content special? It provides insights into the benefits of a circular economy for businesses, the challenges of implementing circular practices, and the role of businesses in promoting sustainability. He also shares how to implement circular practices in your business and how to measure the impact of circular initiatives.

Additionally, Gary’s content often includes insights and updates on Resourcify’s work and impact, which can inspire and motivate businesses to take action towards sustainability.

What do these sustainability CEO profiles have in common? The profiles above share a common focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, with each individual working in a different sector or industry to promote sustainability. They are all CEOs and co-founders of companies or organizations that provide sustainable solutions or promote sustainable practices.

Their content on LinkedIn often includes insights and perspectives on the environmental impact of their respective industries, as well as practical tips and advice on how to reduce waste, choose sustainable products, and implement sustainable practices. They are all passionate advocates for sustainability and are working towards a more sustainable future for everyone.

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